Monday, 28 September 2009

This is just one of the reasons we need a New World Order

Thursday, 17 September 2009

Science the end of religion......

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

What are government doing for us?

All these conspiracy theories telling of how the government is agaisnt us, what the? how do people even think that, stop and think about it....everyday the government are introducing new regulations to ensure that we stay healthy, that we can live in a safe environment and just generally for our own well being. For years drugs have presented a major problem across the globe, particulary cannabis smoking as it is the most wide spread and common form of drug used, it has became so widespread that it is now accepted as part of everyday life by millions of do u combat it, first step has to be to cut out cigerette smoking, exactly what the government is doing. Binge drinking another big problem...aha the smoking ban is killing of alot of the trade from the pubs and forcing them to become more reliant on selling food instaed of alcohol, eventually leading us away from our reliance on alcohol altogether, now this sounds terrible...arghhhh no more beer, but if it never was then it wouldnt be a problem. actually stop and look at what is being done to ensure our own wll being and then try to say again that the government are against us.

Tuesday, 23 December 2008

What would a one world order mean

what would a one world order mean;

a single world government of which the G8 now the G20 is the start of
a single world moneytry system probably dollor/cent hence the reason for the introduction of the euro/cent
a world language almost certainly english, english language schools are booming all around the world.
a world wide id scheme to include a dna and biometric database
one rule of law that all live by

Now some, probably most will look at this and see or think along the lines of it being a massive
invasion to one of our most basic human rights, privacy. Those that do see it like that seem to be happily
sacrificing so many of their other more important and valuable human rights, like the right to be safe and the
right to freely travel the world in which we all live.

The main objection from most doubters of the NWO is that it is to much power for a single controller to hold.
Firstly the power would not be held by one person it would be held by an elected government of world leaders.
Who would have been elected by the citizens of the world ie, us.

Countrys run by elected governments work, it is a fact that has been proven over and over again. Not only that but
what is the alternative? There is no fair alternative.

The only problem with governments is curruption, unfortunatly this will always be a problem due to the human nature
of greed and jeolosy. Curruption is generally easier and more frequent the smaller the group as there are less
people to either currupt or keep the curruption hidden from. So once again this presents another good reason for a
one world order.

The second argument against doubters fears of giving so much power to one world leader is answered in one simple

If you wanted to rule the world and keep control would you A)Make the world a terrible place.

B)Give the people a world they want to live in.

A bit of a no brainer really, for centuries kings, queens and rulers have tried to lead their countrys by way of
dictatorship, by installing the fear of god upon them, by threats and acts of violence and have therefore always
been fighting to keep control. Common sense says that if you want to be a leader you have to be liked and wanted
as a leader and the way to acheive this is to simply give the people what they want. This is exactly what the NWO
is doing right now.

Friday, 19 December 2008

The New World Order is here

I have trawled the web searching, reading and watching conspracy videos telling us all how terrible the prospect of the NWO is, all i ask is this,
a world where all can live in true freedom?
a world without fear?
Is this not what we all want?

Logic is enough to tell us that religion was and still is, a weapon. The biggest weapon of mass desruction to ever exist. It`s development was for the same reason as the nuclear warhead. To install fear into fellow mankind. The churches Of the world have appointed their various leaders, royal families and armies since wars began.

The NWO does not aim to control by using fear tactics as the churches have done for hundreds of years, the NWO intends to control through giving us what we want.
A world where all can live in true freedom.
A world without fear.

If you watch the videos on youtube etc they all tell us that the NWO aims are to achieve total global dominance for evil purposes, tales of mass genecide etc etc are all on the agenda if we listen to the many conspracy theories put out there.

Now sit back and look at things logically. The New World Order stands for a world of equality, a world of freedom, a world of truth.